Word on the Street Festival 2014

Writing in a Tree

Totally typerwriter-bombing the Word on the Street Fest this year, much like I did guerrilla style last year. Although I won’t be doing a radio interview this time, I’ll be fully committed to busking into I bust. For those who do not know, the Word on the Street Festival is an annual celebration of literature, literacy, reading, books and authors. There are WOTS festivals in Kitchener, Halifax, Saskatoon and yes in the T-dot which is where I’ll be: Queen’s Park, exact location to be announced via my Twitter.


Also for those who do not know, I’ll be selling my copies (my final copies at that!) of 3 Cities book, From the Root Zine issue # 1 plus other fun zines and booklets. And as always, I’ll be dropping poems via poetry busking, flexing not just one but TWO typewriters (one for the audience to play with…

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