The Girl With All The Gifts, M.R. Carey- Review

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20140908_161004 “THE MOST ORIGINAL THRILLER YOU WILL READ” is a smack bang promise at the top of this yellow covered book of creepy heart wrenching goodness. Seemingly a novel like no other it promises something that in itself would seem impossible – originality. So many novels, short stories and other forms of literature have been written and read is it possible for any form of writing to be original anymore?

Well, of course only in my opinion I would have to say no, I think it’s extremely unlikely you will ever come across a piece of material, sit down and have a good read and think: “Wowzers, I’ve never read anything like that before.” At least I haven’t. I can relate so many things I’ve read to so many other things that I’ve either read, seen or heard I feel as if originality is something that now is unachievable.

Having said…

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