What a way to end a beautiful weekend! A Five Star Review!

Author P.S. Bartlett

Flutterby INspirations

Recently, I offered a free copy of my second novel HOPE FROM THE OCEAN in exchange for reviews. That offer still stands and shall remain standing until I decide to withdraw it. At this point however, I have no intention to do so.

Nicole was one of two people who took me up on my offer and I’m so pleased that she did! Below is Nicole’s wonderful review and as always, I’m thrilled she enjoyed my book!

You can check out the original review, along with the rest of her blog HERE.

You can also find her review on Goodreads.

Blank white book w/path

Hope from the Ocean is the prequel to Fireflies and tells the story of Dr. Owen Whelans childhood. The story begins in Ireland with two orphaned boys, Patrick and Dillon, waiting for their uncle to come and take them to his farm to live with his family. Dillon, the younger…

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