Book Review: City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare

Almost Happy and Healthy

I’ve been hesitant to post this, and I don’t know why. Hm.


(Book cover retrieved from The Shadowhunters’ Wiki)

So I decided to do a book review.

I finished City of Heavenly Fire (COHF) by Cassandra Clare a couple weeks ago. The Mortal Instruments has been one of my favorite YA series. Reading any of Clare’s books always makes me want to read a bunch of classical literature. Gosh. How r00d.

There were more things I didn’t like about this book than I enjoyed, and those things, I think, affected how I took the ending to one of my favorite series. I didn’t really feel anything when I closed the book upon finishing. Never cried. Barely choked up at a certain part. And believe me, I am a hopeless romantic; I cry so easily with books. But not this time. I didn’t feel like I went on a wild…

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