Red Winter by Dan Smith (Book Review)

Books and Lesser Evils

red winter
Red Winter by Dan Smith is a harrowing, desperate novel of pain and betrayal in the cold and unforgiving winter of Central Russia. Kolya has returned to his home village, the dead body of his brother carried on the horse by his side, to find the village empty. Kolya has lost faith in the army he serves as the Red Terror scourges through the Russian countryside. Families are torn apart and whole communities are murdered, tortured or taken to slave camps by the army.

“…Galina put her hand to her head and tapped it with the gnarled knuckle of one finger. ‘Remember,’ she said. ‘Remember, remember, remember. Oh.’ Her movement was sudden and she reached out to grab me once more. This time she grasped my forearm with one hand and reached up with the other to touch my cheek. She brought her close to mine. ‘Don’t let him take…

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