Discussion: Enjoying books in all their forms

Books and Beyond Reviews

This post is something a little different, something I hope will become a bit more of a feature in the future here on L-Space books. Rather than a rundown on the books I have read and my thoughts on them, this post is aimed at generating discussion between you, the readers, and myself. And I really do hope you will all join in and engage.

20150702_061011In the beginning, some bright spark – a German goldsmith by the name Johannes Guttenberg – invented the printing press. This allowed mass production of pamphlets, literary material and books. Okay, so maybe a large portion of the global population was mostly illiterate at the time, it still sparked the birth of the printed word. This was around 1440. And things continued in printed form for quite some years to follow.
Nearly 500 years in all. In the 1930s, full-length novels started to get record…

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