Falling for Fall (Book List)

Raised Reading

Mmm, Fall. It’s my favorite season, and how could it not be? Fall is when the leaves turn all orange and red and float down from the sky, coating the pavements with seasonal beauty. It’s when the cold weather finally tells the summer heat to chill out, and it’s when all my favorite holidays are on the horizon. Halloween! Thanksgiving! CHRISTMAS! Eeep!

It’s when I get to dress cozy in sweaters and flannel and it’s when I start drinking hot cocoa and hot coffee drinks again. I could really just list so many reasons why I love autumn. A huge one, however, is that fall is the perfect season for book reading (although any season is great for books, because there is never almost never a time where book reading is inappropriate.) I mean, come on, admit it! Grabbing a blanket, a Pumpkin Spice Latte, and your favorite paperback is pretty…

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