Another Turn of the Page: The Dog Days of August

Another Stir of the Spoon

books-quotes-35Gosh, I’m a sucker for good covers. If I don’t know what to read next (never happens) and I have to browse at the library or the book store (happens even if I have a pile next to my bed), I look at the covers first. Maybe it is because I also have an art background but a publisher with a great design team can get me to take their book home way before some boring cover on a self-published novel (exception: a good recommendation from a trusted reader friend). Sadly, I may have missed a masterpiece because of that attitude. And I definitely have started reading some beautifully dressed up dogs, but that’s the nature of advertising. Our August books have some gorgeous and creative covers but a few were disappointing when it came to the words. Here is the rundown.

August selections from the Whadda Ya Readin'? Book Group August selections from the Whadda Ya Readin’? Book…

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