Sunday Shorts: Page to Screen

That Worn Book Smell

On Sundays, I’ll compile a short list of Editor’s picks within a specific genre or topic. 

Gone Girl1. Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn
Release Date: October 3

Perhaps the most anticipated book-to-screen release of the year, Gillian Flynn’s mystery thriller is sure to keep everyone on their toes. If the movie is as wonderful as the teaser posters and trailers have been, I really do think audiences will be in for a treat (book fans especially so). One thing I think will make the movie truly great? The deplorable characters. Never have I hated the protagonists of a book more than I hated the protagonists of Gone Girl. They were vain, awful, murderous, and horrifyingly (verging on) sub-human, which is exactly why I think they’ll translate well to film (we love to hate after all). The filmmakers have changed the ending (thank god), but I’m nervous for the huge twist that…

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