Mini Review: Love Virtually

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Love Virtually
By: Daniel Glattauer

My Edition:
Paperback, 265 pages
2010, SilverOak
ISBN: 9781402786747

From the back of the book: Leo receives emails in error from an unknown woman called Emmi. Being polite, he replies and Emmi writes back. A few brief exchanges are all it takes to spark a mutual interest, and soon Emmi and Leo are sharing their innermost secrets and desires. The erotic tension simmers, and it seems only a matter of time before they will meet in person. But they keep putting off the moment – the prospect both excites and unsettles them. And after all, Emmi is happily married. Will their feelings for each other survive the test of a real-life encounter?

I randomly requested this book from my swap site, Paperback Swap, and months later someone on Instagram recommended it to me. I actually forgot I owned this book (can you believe it)…

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