Lost in books

Sincerely, Salma


Right at this moment, I’m reading three books. I came home after work with the stories on my mind demanding attention. That’s what I love about reading a good book; when well-written, the story is so real, not necessarily dramatic or exciting or even fictional, but gripping nonetheless, imagine how it is like to read three of these!
Humans of New York is more of a reference than an entertaining piece, it serves as a pull to a bigger reality, having snaps of people, other people, who live far away, struggling with different demons, with the same demons.
The second one is a novel I’ve been reading for far too long, almost two months, but I suddenly decided to finish once and for all, its characters have almost become real people whose lives I’m watching in revelation.
I started the third one today, and I’m planning to finish it before…

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