I Am Pilgrim: Terry Hayes

Night-time Reads

*Minor spoilers*

This is a story that could have easily slumped into stereotypes and bloated action, but Hayes’ debut novel provides unrelenting thrills as it soars around the circumference of the globe.

The reader is held tightly in a chokehold of suspense whilst following Pilgrim, a legendary figure in US intelligence – if I told you any more, I’d have to kill you. Brilliant, mysterious and capable of very bad things, Pilgrim is put on the case after two coded phone calls made from an unassuming telephone booth in Bodrum signal the materialisation of an unspeakable terrorist threat.

Pilgrim leads us from a grisly murder scene in a seedy East Side hotel to a public beheading in a dusty car park in Saudi Arabia and, before we’ve caught our breath, on again to a Syrian research centre where a man’s eyes are gouged from their sockets while he still breathes…

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