Saturday 12 July 2014…

My day turned out a lot better than I had expected, after my week of endurance at the hands of my colitis medication, I didn’t make plans for this weekend to be safe, but the weather had other (better) ideas! ☀️☀️☀️

I couldn’t resist going to my mothers and making use of her sun lounger. I also purchased Solomon Northup’s – Twelve years a slave on my kindle paperwhite, much to my surprise, I couldn’t the book down. I am not usually drawn to such work, as you know, creepy nonfiction real-life crime is more my idea of a ‘good read’.

Whilst the BBQ was lit, Solomon had me hooked. In a couple of hours I found myself 11 chapters in.

I will of course post a review once I have completed the book, after a lot of food and a cheeky glass of wine, I headed home.

I am looking forward to reading the conclusion of Solomon’s book over the remainder of this weekend.

Whatever you get up to, enjoy.20140712-222633-80793559.jpg




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