Book Review: Mr. Mercedes

Like A Dog

004I can’t write a truly unbiased review of anything by Stephen King. We see our heroes with rose-colored glasse, and he is one of mine.

As a child, it was Laura Ingalls Wilder and Louisa May Alcott  who gave me the idea that I wanted to be a writer. But it wasn’t until I found my mother’s paperback copy of Salem’s Lot stashed in my grandmother’s closet that I knew what it was like to not be able to put down a book.

Over the years, King has taken me to all sorts of places I would never have found without him.  More than any college professor with a red pen, he showed me what you could do if you  loved to write and were blessed enough to be good at it.

He was also one of the patches in the quilt that was my relationship with my mother. We…

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