The World’s Most Evil: Book review (2 of 2)

(2 stars)
I have completed Nigell Blundell’s Serial Killers: The World’s Most Evil and whilst the facts are all there, this book feels more like a police report than a traditional nonfiction book.

The detail and strength of literature throughout is poor, the book did however contain references to more detailed work currently available on the market. I noted the mention of Dr Michael Stone’s work on more than one occasion. Whilst the mention of his work is admirable, I feel like this book would have suffered further if it wasn’t for its use of references.

The chapters are exceedingly short and direct, again this was somewhat disappointing from an author with a few titles under his belt.

I am looking forward to reading Dr Stone’s work in the near future, his book ‘The Anatomy Of Pure Evil‘ has caught my eye. The reviews for his work seem very positive and enthusiastic.

If you’re writing a paper on serial crime, you may pick up a thing or two from this book but I wouldn’t recommend it if (like me) you’re just heavily into your crime nonfiction.

If you would like any more information about this book or others I have read, please comment below.

Thank you.


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