One good thought: Mindreading friends and writing advice

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So today I found myself browsing through charity shops to check out some new reading material to keep me sane through my days of boredom and unemployment. On a table topped with around twenty five million books I was immediately drawn to just one; East of Eden by John Steinbeck. Not even thinking twice, I picked up the book, marched to the till, got distracted by the jewellery, reminded myself I was too broke even for charity shops, paid my £1.49, and left. A little while later I find myself looking at a Facebook message from one of my closest friends entitled, ‘Six tips on Writing from John Steinbeck’. Now normally I would allow such events to make me gawk and say, OH. MY. GOD. and run screaming to everyone I know about the random chance of such an event. And if the message were from any other friend perhaps…

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