Chloes by Dean Garlick

the Book Stylist

Hey, sooooo what happened? One day, I’m reading like it’s my day job, basically being a bad blogging betch all over the internet, and the next minute… poof! Gone. Without even a wisp of smoke. I’ll explain later. But before my Chris Angel-level evaporation, I was graciously given a new novella to read… and then unlocked the magic of Jumanji on my life but never fear! Robin Williams is here We’re totally back on track.


Chloes, by Montreal writer Dean Garlick, details the strange occurrences in the life of a recently-dumped Chloe after adopting a parakeet who landed on her windowsill. Chloes features illustrated by Montreal artist Nicole Legault (Lodge Press). The plot of this novella is actually quite pertinent to my current 2 month blog bail. Wouldn’t it be amazing if, in times of serious stress or sadness, you could split yourself up so that one of you could go an do all the…

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