The Railway Man (2013)

Tea With Ms Taylor


I hadn’t been this excited about a film in a long time. Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman  as a duo? Sign me up. I don’t want to say a ton about this because you just have to see it. It’s unnerving…it’s fresh…inspiring. The cinematography is rich and the characters are alluring. This is one of my top ten films for certain. The actors are big but the film itself is independent… that is what gives it the sustenance needed to remain simple and pure. Their are obviously elements of Hollywood in their but the essence of it is homegrown. This film hits me hard. For someone reason I expected the adaptation of Eric Lomax’s life to be more light and quasi touching…more of a film for old ladies who sob uncontrollably when Lassie comes bounding home. A shallow kind of emotion…something everyone has..can have…less real.  Classic Hollywood pulling at your…

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