The best way to read: Kindle, book or tablet?

Katherine's Bookcase

Everyone has a different preferred method for accessing the books that they want to devour. But what is the best way? Kindle? Tablet? Or the traditional paperback? 

Obviously each one has different benefits, and these benefits appeal to different people. So can we really say that one of these is the best? 

Paperbacks allow you to get a proper feel for the book. To look at the size of the book and see how long the book is(although this is not as exact as an E-reader or tablet). And let’s not forget, the smell of a new book! How many of us have raced to open a new book when it’s arrived and the first thing you do is smell it? Yes, this earns a lot of weird looks, but it’s definitely a pleasure for book lovers. 

However, Paperbacks come with their problems too. You’ve reached the end of a chapter, and…

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