Reading on the Railroad: If I Stay and Where She Went

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It’s been a Gayle Forman week over here, everyone! I had heard only a little bit about If I Stay and it was kind of on the bottom of my mental to-be-read pile. Then I went to see The Fault in Our Stars and the trailer for If I Stay came on and I knew I had to read the book very soon. This is the first book by Gayle Forman I’ve read and now all of her novels are on my TBR list. She is a brilliant and beautiful writer. Over the course of the novel, I wanted to highlight quotes that I’d want to come back to, but I couldn’t slow down enough to take the time to do that. I *needed* to finish reading and I did, in less than a day. 

If I Stay is a novel about a high schooler named Mia. She has…

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