Lana Del Rey – Ultraviolence (Album Review)


It’s been two years since Lana Del Rey released her successful début album Born To Die and became a household name within the music industry. She released a few EP’s to keep our appetite but now she’s back with a brand new record aptly titled Ultraviolence. Will this album sound as haunting and classic as its predecessor?

Cruel World

Cruel World instantly makes me feel as if I’m in a Clint Eastwood film with the reverb on the guitars and the country/rock feel. It’s definitely similar to her earlier work such as Ride. The song is about having to leave a wild lover because you know he’s a cheater and can’t be tamed. The lyrics are quite beautiful and paint a film I could imagine Jennifer Lawrence playing the main role in. I especially like the last quarter when it gradually slows in tempo as if it’s a…

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