Prologue of Letters to Grandfather published

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Yesterday, I published a prologue of my ongoing novel Letters to Grandfather.  I’d felt that there wasn’t much about the month or so before her grandfather died.  I wanted to put across the worry and anxiety that the main character, Sarah Phillips, before she learns that her grandfather has passed away.

To recap for those who don’t know about my latest project, Letters to Grandfather is my semi-autobiographical novel, written as a diary.  Sarah writes as though she were corresponding with her grandfather, Gregory Phillips.  Though Sarah doesn’t appear to show grief apart from the beginning of the story, she often writes that she misses him and related mistakes she makes which were things she automatically did when he was still alive.

So far, I have written 23 chapters, or entries, starting from 11 September 2013 to 19 November 2014.  I am aiming for 100 chapters before I finish.  I have completed…

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