Holding onto the Past

Views of a Nobody

Recently I’ve been moving ahead with the times, got myself a Kindle, an IPhone. I’ve even started buying my song digitally.

I used to be all like “nah I love my book to be a book, the smell, the feel and the niceness of a book”.

I bought a eBook and I already know I won’t go back, although my brain stops me from selling the great books I have and love, but for why? I’ll still have them, they will never get wrecked and I can re-download them whenever.

The same goes for my games. Recently I decided I’m going to get rid of my PSone games and get anything I really wanted digitally. But something just says “nooooooo?”

In everyday life we hold onto the past, even though every pro out ways the con massively, to just move ahead.

Humanity is weird haha

But I’ve made my decision…

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