#NowReading: Serial Killers. The Method and Madness of Monsters

By Peter Vronsky
Published: 2004

Before you judge me, I know my current choice of literature isn’t exactly light holiday reading. I have grown bored with traditional summer reads. Romance etc, no thank you.

This book has both greatly disturbed and enthralled me. I first developed an interest in serial killer non-fiction following my addiction to the hit US show ‘Criminal minds’ in which we follow a team of FBI agents – Behavioural Analysis Unit (BAU) based in Quantico Virginia.

This book contains disturbing accounts of historic and recent serial murders, with extracts from the killers themselves.

The horrific descriptions are not for the faint of heart. It is incomprehensible, what the human man and woman is capable of. From the clinically insane to your neighbour, friend and coworker.

Peter makes several references to films such as ‘The Silence of The Lambs and films depicting the life of Jack the Ripper among many many other killers.

I can’t stop reading, frightening myself with each word, I am strangely addicted…

Happy reading!

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