City of Heavenly Fire

Cat on the Bookshelf

City of Heavenly Fire CoverLet me start with stating that this book made me fall in love with real, physical books again. I tried reading this on my e-reader, but I just can’t. This is a book that I have to have in my hands.

Also, there is the question of whether or not you need to read The Infernal Devices (TID) before reading CoHF. Coming from a reader who has not read TID, here is my answer: No, you do not have to read TID before CoHF. I want to read TID now, but it is not a prerequisite.

Now on to the Review

In Cassandra Clare’s conclusion to The Mortal Instruments series, City of Heavenly Fire, we find danger, betrayal, darkness and demons. Some themes I found are nature versus nurture, the complicated bonds of family, and fighting for what you believe in.

We start, in the prologue, in the L.A…

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