The One by: Kiera Cass Book Review

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So I’ll start off to say that I was absolutely obsessed with this series, it’s so incredibly addicting, although it’s not the best trilogy of all time (it could use a lot of improving) it was really hard to put this book down. I’m currently not really allowed to be book reading right now because I have SATs coming up, when I read, I read throughout the whole day. The selection was fun to read and I thought I was gonna hate the concept of the “Bachelor” basically, but I fell in love with Maxon and Americas relationship and their “friendship” in the beginning of the competition. And the elite ran by so quickly, it was so addicting the only thing I absolutely hated though was America’s logic, she was so annoying, she kept denying everything and was putting everything on hold, like, “I can tell him later”, “I don’t…

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