Uninvited by Sophie Jordan

A Kernel of Nonsense

Uninvited by Sophie JordanThe United States is in a state of desperation. The number of murders across the nation has grown exponentially. With no real solution in sight, society turns to its scientists who believe they have isolated the gene found in those who commit murder. Testing is now the norm, those with Homicidal Tendency Syndrome (HTS) are driven to the outskirts of society–shunned by their peers and in more extreme cases, imprisoned in camps.

Davy Hamilton has everything going for her: a promising college career in music, doting parents, and a loving boyfriend. When the results for Davy’s HTS test come back positive, Davy can hardly believe it. Her once bright future begins to crumble before her eyes. When her friends and family begin to pull away, Davy is left feeling abandoned. Her only anchor is a fellow carrier, Sean O’Rouke, who becomes the only person she can turn to.

“I back…

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