Mini Review : Divergent – Divergent Trilogy Book 1

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Divergent is the first instalment of Divergent Trilogy of the series Divergent Universe – a fantasy tale of an alternate world; a society constituted of five factions or social types based on their nature and morale: Amity, Abnegation, Erudite, Candor and Dauntless.The rest are the “unfortunate” Factionless. As the children turn sixteen, they go through a test which determines which faction they actually belong to.The offspring of a particular faction sometimes belong to the same, and sometimes they transfer to another faction. Because “Faction Before Blood”.

Beatrice finds herself to be a Divergent: one who does not belong to any particular faction as she has characteristics of multiple factions. That is a matter of serious threat for the authorities of the society because of a brewing conspiracy; she is in mortal danger. But eventually she finds that she is not the only Divergent around…..


Those who liked Hunger Games may go ahead, but I would rather not downgrade HG by…

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