Books by the barrelfull

Milk and Cigarettes

Friday, biatches!

I got an impressive amount of likes for yesterday’s post (at least 3), which almost rivals the famous milk sucking story post and the I hate Stana Katic post. I didn’t know so many people liked rambles about books. But I guess they do.

Welp, I suppose I could reveal the shocking fact that I’m a bibliophile. No, that’s not a sexual thing. It just means I really, really love books. And that’s true – it’s not a question of reading, although I definitely love reading, but I just love books by themselves. I love walking into a bookstore and just being surrounded by books. I’m always hesitant to throw out or give away a book, simply because I’d prefer to have any book than not have it. Right now, I’ve got my books sorted into “Shelf-worthy” or “storage”. The books I really, really like I’ve got…

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