Talk at home about…our #shelfchallenge #genrefication mashup!


Shelf Challenge!

Last month, I completed Matthew Winner’s Shelf Challenge. This was my second year participating in what I consider to be one of the best collection development resources I have in my special librarian’s toolkit. Librarians who participate in the challenge choose a section of their collection to read over a period of 30 days. During that time, we get to know that section of our collection in a very up-close-and-personal way. We find amazing things simply by making the time to read and explore! Go figure! In our busy libraries, this time is often found after school hours, but the time investment is completely worth it. We find resources for our students and classroom teacher colleagues. In addition, we share our good finds with the great wide world by harnessing the power of social media tools like Twitter and Pinterest. It’a a good thing. To read more…

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