Is the beginning the end?



Thestart of anovel can makeorbreak a bookfor me. It has to grab my attention with theveryfirstline. As everyone today, I am tootimepoor to hang around hopingthebook will getbetter. Am I tooharsh? If an author has not put everything into their openingsentencethenwhere is therespect to thereader? Buthereliestheproblem, whatmakes a goodfirstsentence? Everyreader has differenttasteand I knowwhat I likeandifthewriting is good to me I’ll stickaroundandgivethebook a fightingchance.

I recentlyattended a talk by theauthor Alexander McCall Smith. McCall Smith discussedtheimportance of a greatopeningline.Hethendelighted us with one of his favourites from The Tower of Trebizond by Rose

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