Nourishing the Soul through Story

I Commend Joy!

I started this series on the Power of Story with the point that, in one way or another, we all want to create. We are creative beings, and stories are works of creation, or sub-creation as Tolkien writes. NarniaWardrobeIn this sub-creation we reflect the image of our Creator, who made us and gave us the ability to be creative, in His image and likeness.

In the second post I gave a working definition to the question, What is a story? I believe that a story is a creation of a secondary world through which the reader can enter in and experience life from a different perspective, in order to nourish his or her soul in ways he or she could not from his or her own limited perspective. John Wilson, editor of Books and Culture, said it this way, “Each book a self-contained world.” Writing a story is creating…

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