“Books are not a privilege for the elites who can afford to buy them, but rather a fundamental human need”

Doris Lessing Resource

“The Africa Book Development Organization is a Non- Governmental Organization formed behind the brains of Talent Nyathi and the inspiration of its patron Doris Lessing. The two, having lived on farms and marginalized rural communities, realized that people lacked access to information and were ill-informed. They envision the accessibility of books and other information materials by every person in remote villages in Zimbabwe.

The organization was registered and operated as a Trust from 1996 until December 2005 when it re-registered as an Organization in compliance with changing laws of the country”

From Flying on the Wings of My Soul – a presentation by Talent Nyathi at Bookfair

I would like to share with you that I felt pleasantly surprised and honoured when I was invited to contribute to an own going recognition that books are inseparably linked to the struggle for the liberation of human person. I am grateful to…

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