Spring Fling!


Spring Fling!

Sometimes it feels like it will never get warm again! With all of this snow and cold lately, who isn’t ready for spring? Spring is the time for bright colors and fun in fashion. This outfit shows a glimpse at what is coming for spring. The shirt incorporates a bright, floral patter, and also the cute catch phrase “Spring Fling”. The bright scarf makes the colors in the shirt stand out more and gives the outfit more of a springy look! But it isn’t spring yet, and the jeans keep the outfit looking appropriate for winter. By wearing outfits like this, you can start the transition from winter fashion to spring fashion and before you know it it will be spring!
In the picture:
Spring Fling Shirt from Deb
Coral Scarf from Deb
Skinny Jeans from Aeropostale
Restricted Shoes

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