Snaps | Through my iPhone lens


Don’t think l have ever mentioned just how much l hate the iPhone 5 camera :(.
I sadly find myself using it a lot for my selfies and pictures when l don’t have my camera or when walking around with a huge camera is just inappropriate lol.


On my days off from school and work which are usually Sundays and Thursdays l tend to spend my day in bed doing work, catching up with different series, blogging and chatting to friends.. I am absolutely addicted to my lemon tea and a good read..



This past week l had a blast… My family was over and one word to describe it is AMAZING!!!!


Nights out for dinner a must when my bunnies come through 🙂 and l will do a clearer post on my outfit. Had an amazing time at Bella Itallia.




*covers face* yes l was feeling myself a little…

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